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  • Family Owned Farms in the Midwest
  • No sub-therapeutic antibiotics added
  • No Steroids, Hormones or Growth Promotants
  • No animal by-products in the feed
  • Traceability back to the farm


  • Deeper, Richer Color
  • Naturally Juicy
  • Exquisitely Tender
  • Consistently Full of Flavor
  • Abundant Fine Marbling
  • No Artificial Processing

The Berkridge Kurobuta Story

Extra effort – it’s the difference between merely satisfactory and simply sensational, especially when it comes to the finest dining experience.

Extraordinary restaurants earn their stripes by starting with the best ingredients and adding their own special touches to consistently delight even the most discriminating palates. America’s elite pork producer, Berkridge, earns its reputation by starting with the finest breed and adding its own recipe of extra attention to produce meat of unrivaled excellence.

The legend of Berkshire pork is as extraordinary as its taste.

Soldiers led by Oliver Cromwell, one of only two commoners ever to head England, made an unexpected but delightful discovery while wintering in the shire of Berk in the 1640s as they were introduced to the taste of a unique black pig with white spots on its legs, ears and snout. The enduring reputation of Berkshire pork was born when Cromwell’s warriors returned home with stories of remarkable flavor and quality. For years after, England’s royal family dined on Berkshire pork from a special herd maintained at Windsor Castle.

It’s hard to keep a good secret under wraps and, in time, American pork producers imported Berkshires for the U.S. market. During the 1940s and 1950s, Berkshires won more top championships for quality pork than any other breed before or since. When the National Pork Producers Council evaluated the traits of all breeds, the Berkshire distinguished itself as a cut above the rest by coming out on top in six of seven categories for meat quality and three of four categories for eating quality.

Yet, a wave of change was sweeping over the world’s livestock industry as modern agriculture ushered in mass production techniques to produce uniform pork products. Over the years, the number of Berkshire production shrank to less than 1 percent of the country’s total swineherd.

Uniformity may be great for armies, but it doesn’t do much for flavor or texture of meat. As result, most pork sold today is injected with chemicals and water in an attempt to artificially replicate the juicy, tasty tenderness of days gone by.

Berkridge doesn’t need to resort to such sleights of hand because we don’t mass produce our pigs. Berkridge pork is naturally tender, juicy and tasty because we recognize the value that comes out of the extra work, attention and investment that goes into every animal we raise.

For decades, nearly all of the Berkshire hogs produced in U.S. have been exported at premium prices to Japan where the superiority of the black hog they call the “kurobuta” has been prized. But today, Berkridge is once again sharing the secret of tender, succulent, delicious pork with America’s top restaurants and discerning diners.

Berkridge Kurobuta is not the other white meat!

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